Be Original Be The Real You.

Are you kind of a person that afraid to be different? or you're just doing things and behave just because everyone else doing?
be original
Well, I want you to get this in mind, In this World or Universe, Every One of Us has his unique character that is very different from others. And most of us think that being different is like a weakness which lead us thought about "what other people will think of me or how do they react with my character" and always remain afraid to what we want to do in life and copy everything that others do so that we can't be judged differently from them.
But Let me remind you that we don't have to be like that and I am not talking only about Personal character here, but the same applies to our business, our career, our style, our talent, our gift and so many things in life.
You Know Most of us we don't know that the Universe/the world doesn't need an imitation or a copy ourselves instead it needs the Original you, in other words, THE UNIQUE VERSION OF YOURSELF or the real you from inside out but positively.
You might be thinking right now "Msingo, how can I introduce new things or even new ideas, I don't have that much capability or something?".
Man! The answer is simple, You don't have to find a new thing or new ideas or even to have that much capability, trust me in this Universe most of the things that we are doing right now they already been discovered with others in one way or another since way back there from generation to the generation of Human Creation Though what we do now is to add an EXTRA factor to those Ideas so that they can look new. 
Same goes to me as well as you we don't have to copy or imitate everything that others do the way it is, we need to use our Unique version of ourselves to add some extra factor to them and trust me it won't be the same even if you use the same idea that has already been used because NO ONE IS LIKE YOU in this whole Universe and even if your twins you won't be the same at all. So always remember the unique character of yourself is what makes your life interested and noticed easily with those who don't have it but if you keep copying, nothing will become new and nothing will be interested at all.
In short, I want to encourage you that even if you search the whole Universe you won't find someone who is like YOU, you are UNIQUE and always you will be, stop wasting your time wondering about what others doing but instead start looking for the ORIG (original) you inside and let it out so that the whole Universe can see the POTENTIAL in you and not from everyone else character.
And it doesn't matter how old you are, there is no limit on living and enjoying your own life that the Creator has given you So BE ORIGINAL BE THE REAL YOU, there is nothing wrong of being yourself, go out there and shine all over with your talent, your style, your career and every extra thing that you have but Positively.
So thank you so much for reading this article, and if you learn something from it please let me know in the comment below so that we can keep writing even more and kindly support us with our ORIG MOVEMENT in motivating others to be an original and unique version of themselves all over the World by sharing our blog with family and friends and also by wearing our T-shirt and cap line which available in our store bellow.
Once again Thank you So Much.
Written By Msingo Clever.
C.E.O of Be Original


  • what your saying here is true but there are very few people who put it into action. You know most of our families speaking for my experience they want you to behave according to what they think is right so sometimes it’s confusing but all in a; I will never let my self down again, thanx for this.

  • to some extent, I got something new today so thank you and keep writing

  • I was looking for something like this and am glad I come across this post, to be honest, I was very tired doing everything in my family because they want me to do so and most of the time am not happy with it, so when I read this gives me courage to stand as who I am and not as everybody else want me to be so thank you so much.

    Meera David

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