Be Original

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Our Founder and CEO

Msingo Clever, A Sociologist and An Entrepreneur.

I Believe In Making a difference to the people’s lives, communities and the entire World as well.

As a young African woman, I understand the importance of self-awareness and motivation knowledge in achieving one’s dreams, especially in African Countries because most of young Africans lost their passions and their dreams due the some of negativity culture and traditions that bound us in our daily life and become the victim of that. I have been there, I know the pain and I understand the struggle of doing something just because your society or your family insisted and not from what you wanted to do in life. So due to that, I waste a lot of my youth time in fear, lack of confidence cause I was not comfortable enough in what I was doing and even to fight back in the time of troubles. In short, I was living without a cause or a purpose in life. That why I started Be Original to make sure that what I passed through will not be repeated to others and the coming generation as well but In order to make it Happen I need your help to achieve this cause and make a difference in young people’s lives together.

Who Are We?

We are a community or a Family Found by Msingo Clever specifically to the group of people in our societies especially the Youth to ensure that they get all they need and all they have to know, to learn and even to improve their level of Self-awareness, Self Confidence as well as Self-Motivation towards their Successful Journey in their daily life. Our main aim is to make sure that they uncover their hidden potential and value from inside and use it for the benefit of themselves and their community without imitating or copying what others doing instead they have to embrace the uniqueness of their characters, personalities, styles, talent and much more Positively so that they can be able to stand for themselves and do something which will support them in their living without fear.

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Our mission

Our Main Mission is to help young people to get the basic knowledge about their Value or their Potentiality as well for themselves and for their communities which will improve their self-awareness knowledge, their confidence level and the importance of self-motivation towards achieving their dreams and we believe through all of this knowledge sky will be their limit in their successful journey of life positively.

Join Us And Donate The Youth to make a difference