Shipping and Return Policy

Be Original Shipping and Return Policy
We Ship Worldwide from Our Main Warehouse in
  • United State 
And All Of Our Shipping Rates Dived in Two Section based on items purchased which are Domestic Rates and International Shipping Rates...
From $0 to $49.99  will cost $4.90
From $50.00 to $99.99 will cost 9.90
And From $100 and Up will Be FREE SHIPPING
From $0 to $49.99  will cost $6.99
From $50.00 to $99.99 will cost 11.99
And From $100 and Up will Be FREE SHIPPING.
Normally takes 5 to 7 Business Days to receive your order in the USA and for International's will 7 to 14 Business Days and Please allow 2 to 3 Business Days for Preparing and Packing Your Order before Shipping them Out.
We offer a Full Refund If you will not receive your Products/Order within 28 Business Days.
Thank You So Much and We Can't-Wait to Receive You Order.
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