Giving is Not Just About Making Donation, it's About Making a Difference, So Let's Take this Journey Together

We Uncover The Youth Potentiality

Through their Talents, Profession, Style & Their Personalities

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Our Current Campaign

Discover Young African Potentiality

It’s a Campaign that aims to bring self-awareness, self-motivation and increase self-confidence level to the Young African People. Our goal is to Reach and Help hundreds of Youth with full support within a Short Period. We plan to achieve this by conducting Different Youth Life Educational Events, Creating Short Courses which will help them to discover and achieve their dreams also Launching Live Webinars For those who are living in other countries as well as to publish lots ebooks for their daily Knowledge Improvements.
To achieve this Cause we need to raise fund at least from $50,000 though we aim to raise more than $150,000 which will help us to get all the equipment we need for this project, to plan and conduct those events as well as to be able to support our Be Original Young African Members Socially and Economically by doing Charity Works and supporting their Education, Talent, Business and their Professions. 

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So We need Your Help to Achieve this Cause, Even if with a Little bit of Your Support it's Enough because We believe Together We can make a Difference and Create a Better World for the Youth.

Our Focus

UnHide Youth Potentiality

Ensure Love, Peace & Safety.

Create Career Opportunities


What we love about this Site its does not encourage you to do something that you don't like instead it gives you a meaning towards what you have, so thank you.

Mr and Mrs Ndarata

Be Original Members

Since i have join Be Original community my life changed i can support my self and my family now and improving my business as well.

Nancy Lubanza

Be Original Member

It was not simple to be different within my society until i found be Original and here i am now helping others as well by using the same different character i have and make living through it.

Lucas John

Be Original Member



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